Ilha do Mel Complete Tour – private

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Tour with exclusive boat for youto visit the most beautiful islandof Paraná State. Time to visit Encantadas Grotto, the Lighthouse and enjoy however you prefer.

- R$35,00- R$145,00
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Special offer

R$35,00 per adult
18 de April de 2019 To 1 de January de 2022
Number adult >=4
4 a 6 adultos
R$145,00 per adult
2 de April de 2019 To 1 de January de 2022
Number adult >=7
7 a 9 adultos


Watch the video and see how is the tour (subtitles available in English):

Passeio Ilha do Mel Completa

Do you like nature and want to get out of the routine? The Ilha do Mel Complete Tour is fantastic! A quiet place for you to unwind and walk the sandy trails of this piece of paradise.

You will visit Ilha do Mel very comfortably in a private boat.

Did you know that over 90% of Ilha do Mel is under nature preservation? There are strict rules regarding construction on the island and number of visitors.

Get to know the main tourist attractions on the Ilha do Mel Complete Tour, a very cool itinerary that includes:

– Encantadas Cave:a place full of legends in a wonderful landscape.

– Conchas Lighthouse (access by 144 steps): the view from there is great and worth the effort!

– Farol Beach: great for quiet moments in a wild beach, practically only for you!

– Fora Beach(good for surfing): it is the prefered one for surfing.

‒ If you like to walk, there is still the option of going to the Fortress, on a long but quiet hike, alongside the beach. You can also rent a bike to get there (optional). There is also the option to go or return by boat (optional).

If you like to walk, you will love to visit all the places (15 km – 9 miles, in total). If you prefer a faster way, you can rent a bicycle or maybe a boat to go to the fortress (both optional). The tour can be adapted to your pace.

The transportation to and from the island is done by a fast motorboat, exclusive to our customers. A convenience and ease to make the tour quiet and without waiting times. On days when the sea is rough, the boat used will be larger and slower.

Tour available daily with prior reservation.

Itinerary of the tour in Ilha do Mel

Departure from central addresses in Curitiba at 7:30 AM.

Departure to Pontal do Sul crossing a beautiful stretch of Atlantic Forest. The trip takes approximately 2 and a half hours.

From Pontal do Sul, fast boat trip to Ilha do Mel (approximately 8 minutes by motorboat or 30 minutes by slow boat).

Visit to the beautiful Gruta de Encantadas, a place of legends.

By boat to Nova Brasília, another village on the Island.

From there, hike to Farol das Conchas (144 steps stairway). Enjoy the beautiful vistas of the island from the top.

Lunch time (optional). Our guide will show you different options for your choice.

In the afternoon, time to enjoy the beach or for a longer walk to the Fortress. There is also the option of renting a bike or another boat (optional).

If you like to walk, you will love to visit all the places (total of 15 km – 9 miles). If you prefer a faster way, you can rent a bicycle or maybe a boat to go to the fortress (both optional).

Departure from Ilha do Mel at 4:30 PM, with estimated arrival in Curitiba at 7 PM.

Do you want to know more why you should book with us? Personalized service, satisfaction guarantee in the private tours and discount coupons in your booking confirmation!Check out details here and become our client.

Included Services

Normal departure time from central addresses in Curitiba at 7:30 AM. Estimated arrival time in Curitiba at 7 PM.

Private transport (car or van) according to the number of people;

Accompaniment by certified tour guide;

Private boat to Pontal do Sul / Encantadas / Nova Brasilia / Pontal do Sul.

In case of strong winds, we will use a larger, slower boat.

Not included: lunch, drinks, tips, boat to the Fortress (one-way or round trip), personal expenses, etc.

What to take:

Comfortable clothes; Slippers and sneakers; Swimwear and towels; Insect spray and sun block; Cash (there is no ATM on the island).

Required Documents: all must bring original documents or certified copies with photos. Children under 12 years of age can travel with an original birth certificate or a certified copy of this document. The current Brazilian legislation applies in case the child is traveling without the parents.

4 reviews for Ilha do Mel Complete Tour – private

  1. Domingos Montaldi Lopes

    Very professional, kind and helpful service. Excellent – staff, site, guides and drivers.

  2. Margareth Sgambato Ferreira

    The boat conductor was very good. It is important regarding safety. Congratulations!

  3. Juliano da Silva Arpini

    The guide was outstanding – simply impeccable service.

  4. Armando Hacker

    We were amazed with the tour to the island. We are sure our German friends flew back full of beautiful memories of Brazil. The guide was simply fantastic – we were very happy.