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What about to leave Curitiba laterfor a complete tour,going by van to Morretes and returning by train? What about in the cabin car, in the 1930´s style? Cabins for 2 or 4 persons.

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What is a pre-booking? You will send us the booking request to confirm the availability. We are normally very fast – you will have an answer in maximum in 24 hours. Only after we are sure we can confirm your request, you will get an e-mail with payment instructions.
How can I pay for the tour? Pay comfortably and safely online at Cielo, a Brazilian major payment gateway. You can use your credit or debit card. You will get the payment link by e-mail.
Read the description, see pictures and video below. Any further doubts? Just contact us!

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Watch the video and see how is the tour (subtitles available in English):

Playlist: Trem Camarote Pôr do Sol - compartilhado


‒ Be picked up at your hotel or central address (round trip). Pick time time starts at 9:00 AM and the tour ends about 7:30 PM.

‒ Go by van or micro-bus in the morning via Estrada da Graciosa or BR-277, depending on the weather conditions.

‒ Visit Antonina and Morretes, two charming little colonial towns with their houses, history and typical products (cachaça, banana candies, handmade products).

‒ Enjoy the typical lunch and discover the “barreado” ‒ a specialty of the Coast of Paraná. It is a very juicy beef stew that is served with rice, cassava flour and bananas. As side dishes you will have salad, fish, praws (everything served separetely). If you are vegetarian, vegan or celiac, please inform us when you make the reservation.

– Enjoy one of the most famous rail tours in the world onboard of a cabin! The tour includes the ticket from Morretes to Curitiba in a Cabin, with guide on board (English / Portuguese), snack and free drinks. The cabin looks like old trains from the golden rail era. Each cabin accommodates up to 4 persons, windows can be opened and there is toilet in the cabin car.

‒ Take the opportunity to know more about the history and curiosities of the places visited. The tour is accompanied by an official tourist guide, who will make your experience richer.


It is considered as one of the most beautiful rail tours in the world by travel journalists and guides. It crosses 13 tunnels and bridges in the middle of the greatest area of Atlantic Rain Forest! You will be privileged to see all the green area: one of the richest biomas in the world. The railway between Curitba and Morretes is 68 km long (about 43 miles) and it lasts about 4 hours – the train goes slowly so that you can enjoy the landscapes.

The railway was built between 1880 and 1885 – so much history here! The guides on board (only in Portuguese) tell about the challenges of the construction – it is considered a master-piece of enginnering of the 19th century! The train tour is perfect to enjoy nature and to leave all-day routine behind.


‒ Cabin: There are 6 cabins that accommodate up to 4 people each and one that accommodates 2 people. A privilege for up to 26 people! The cabins for 4 people have a central table, what makes them very nice for families. The cabins are charming and reminiscent of old passenger trains. The windows can be opened and there is a toilet in the car.

– Depending on the number of participants, you might share your cabin with other travelers. A great opportunity to meet people!

‒ The trip includes the services of a guide that tells the whole history and curiosities of the railroad (in Portuguese / English). The on-board service includes special snacks, served on a tray and free drinks (water, soda and beer).

IMPORTANT! Sunset times vary throughout the year and especially during the daylight saving time period, the sunset happens very late. The name of the tour is Sunset, but we can not guarantee you will see it due to weather conditions. The arrival time in Curitiba is 7:15 PM.


9 – 9:30 AM ‒ Pick up at hotels or central addresses.

Trip to Antonina by van or by minibus. The route is via Estrada da Graciosa or BR-277, depending on the size of the vehicle and weather conditions.

Visit to Antonina and Morretes, two charming little historic towns.

Typical lunch included (drinks and desserts will be charged according to consumption).

The reservation will be for the group, which means you will share the table with other travelers. An excellent opportunity to meet new people and maybe make new friendships.

Board the cabin car to return to Curitiba. Estimated arrival time in Curitiba: 7: 15 PM. The guide on board speaks Portuguese/English, a snack is served and drinks are free (water, soda and beer).

Return to your hotel or central address.

Special Paraná is transparent and ethical. So, it is good that you know that:

– The railroad also has cargo trains. The passenger train may stop in some moments and because of that, delays may happen. Do not make the tour if you have flight scheduled for the same day.

– We can not book an specific side of the train. Tickets are issued sequentially and as the train changes sides, the seats that one day are on the left side, can be on the right side the other day.

– If you book ahead, the seats of the same reservation will be together. In case there are only isolated seats, we will let you know.

– In case of dietary restrictions, please bring your own snack.

Included Services

Normal departure time: vans stop by between 9 and 9:30 AM at hotels and central addresses in Curitiba. Be ready by 9 AM, please. End of the tour about 7:15 PM (estimated arrival time of the train) and return to the addresses.

Shared transport by van or minibus with pick up at your hotel or central address;

Van or mini-bus along the Graciosa Road or BR-277 (it depends on weather conditions) and visit to Antonina and Morretes;

Tour guide during the tour;

Typical lunch with “barreado” (regional beef stew) and side dishes: fish, prawns, rice and salad.

Train ticket in the Cabin class from Morretes to Curitiba (snack included and free drinks: water, soda and beer).

Transfer back to your hotel or central address.

Not included: drinks and desserts during lunch, personal expenses, etc.

This tour is operated by a partner of Special Paraná.

Required Documents: all must bring original documents or certified copies with photos. Children under 12 years of age can travel with an original birth certificate or a certified copy of this document. The current Brazilian legislation applies in case the child is traveling without the parents.

Student rate: valid only for holders of the Carterinha Nacional de Estudante. A picture of the student card will be asked to confirm the discount and you will have to present it in the day of the tour. .

3 reviews for Cabin class full sunset tour – shared tour

  1. Haroldo Dias Santos

    Staff is very nice. Everybody was super kind and helpful. I liked the guide a lot and also the driver was good. The snacks served in the train could have more options. I was aware that delays could happen and we did stay 45 minutes stuck. There should be films, music or any activities for such situations.

  2. Silvia Barbosa de Almeida

    The tour itself is very good, exception for the rail station in Morretes. There are not enough seats to wait, no ar-condition and no cafeteria. the guide Leandro was great – very professional, kind and in good humor.

  3. Emerson David Valentim

    Boarding in Morretes is very confusing. It lacks of organization in case of rain. My ticket was for car number 20 and there was none, but it was solved immediately. Anyway, we intend to book this tour again.

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