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Book only transportation: by van from Curitiba to Morretes (depats from train station) and ticket back to Curitiba. The departure is at 9:00 AM and the train arrives about 7:15 PM in Curitiba.

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Watch the video and see how is the tour (subtitles available in English):

Playlist: Trem Pôr do Sol Turístico - compartilhado


– Departure by van or mini-bus from Curitiba´s Rail Station at 9:00 AM to Morretes Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Estrada da Graciosa or the BR-277 along the way. If you drive, there is parking at the Rodoferroviária.

‒ Visit Morretes on your own to get to know the little town and have lunch wherever you like. Try the “barreado” ‒ a specialty of the Coast of Paraná. It is a very juicy beef stew that is served with rice, cassava flour and bananas. Choose a nice restaurant and enjoy the scenery of the Nhundiaquara River.

‒ Experience one of the most famous train journeys in the world! The tour includes the Morretes – Curitiba train ticket in the tourist class, the largest class on the train. Included are a guide on board, a simple snack and one water or soda per person. The route is a real journey in time, in a train from 1960’s that crosses a beautiful stretch of Atlantic Rain Forest.

Important to know! The arrival time in Curitiba can change due to technical reasons as also the sunset time depends on the season. The tour is called “sunset”, but we can not promisse you one.


It is considered as one of the most beautiful rail tours in the world by travel journalists and guides. It crosses 13 tunnels and bridges in the middle of the greatest area of Atlantic Rain Forest! You will be privileged to see all the green area: one of the richest biomas in the world. The railway between Curitba and Morretes is 68 km long (about 43 miles) and it lasts about 4 hours – the train goes slowly so that you can enjoy the landscapes.

The railway was built between 1880 and 1885 – so much history here! The guides on board (only in Portuguese) tell about the challenges of the construction – it is considered a master-piece of enginnering of the 19th century! The train tour is perfect to enjoy nature and to leave all-day routine behind.


-- It is the most numerous class with more than 20 train cars. Most of them have 48 cushioned double seats with an aisle in the middle and the windowns can be opened both sides. For your comfort, a toilet is available in each car.

– The tour includes a tour guide on board (only in Portuguese) that tells the history and curiosities. For English speaking guides, see the options of Cabin / Imperial, Luxury and Barão do Serro Azul classes (all available in the website). The board service includes a simple snack and 1 water or soda per person. We suggest you pack something extra to eat and drink.

Fewtrain cars in this category have fixed seats, so that you might travel backwards regarding the landscapes.


8:45 AM – Be at Serra Verde Express and present yourself at the travel agency. Address: Serra Verde Express – Av. Affonso Camargo, 330 – Rodoferroviária – Terminal Ferroviário (Rail station)

9:00 AM – departure by van or mini-bus from Curitiba´s rail station to Morretes.

The route is via Estrada da Graciosa or BR-277, depending on the size of the vehicle and weather conditions. The departure point is central, at Serra Verde Express in the train station. There is parking on site. You will go there on your own. We recommend arriving a little early to avoid unforeseen events.

11 – 11:30 AM ‒ Approximate time of arrival in Morretes.

Visit to Hisgeopar, a hall with funny mechanical puppets that portray the history and geography of the state of Paraná.

Free time to visit the city and have lunch.

2:30 PM ‒ Be at the station, because the train leaves on time and depending on the number of people, the boarding may be crowded ‒ the station is very small.

3 – 7:15 ‒ Train ride from Morretes to Curitiba in the tourist class. The tourist category has a guide in Portuguese, a snack kit and one water or soda per person.

Do you want to know more why you should book with us? Personalized service and discount couponsin your booking confirmation! Check out details here and become our client.

Special Paraná is transparent and ethical. So, it is good that you know that:

– The railroad also has cargo trains. The passenger train may stop in some moments and because of that, delays may happen. Do not make the tour if you have flight scheduled for the same day.

– We can not book an specific side of the train. Tickets are issued sequentially and as the train changes sides, the seats that one day are on the left side, can be on the right side the other day.

– If you book ahead, the seats of the same reservation will be together. In case there are only isolated seats, we will let you know.

– In case of dietary restrictions, please bring your own snack.

Included Services

8:45 AM – Be at Serra Verde Expressto get your train tickets and know which will be your van. Address:Serra Verde Express. Av. Affonso Camargo, 330 – Rodoferroviária – Rail Station – Curitiba. End of the tour in the same addressabout 7:15 PM (estimated arrival time of the train).

Shared transport in van or microbus with exit at Serra Verde Express (railway station);

Admission ticket to the Hisgeopar (Hall displaying the history and geography of Paraná);

Train ticket in the tourist class from Morretes to Curitiba (guide in Portuguese only, simple snacks and 1 water or soda por person).

Not included: pick-up service at your hotel, lunch, guided tour in Morretes, personal expenses, etc.

This tour is operated by a partner of Special Paraná.

Required Documents: all must bring original documents or certified copies with photos. Children under 12 years of age can travel with an original birth certificate or a certified copy of this document. The current Brazilian legislation applies in case the child is traveling without the parents.

Student rate: valid only for holders of the Carterinha Nacional de Estudante.Brazilian Nationals that have disabled IDalso are entitled to discounts. A picture of the student card will be asked to confirm the discount and you will have to present it in the day of the tour. .

4 reviews for Sunset Tourist Class – shared tour

  1. Thomas Gilpin

    Very good, even though we spoke English we understood the main instructions. However, was only due to a few kids on the bus being able to speak English. Could be worthwhile for you to print out an essential info sheet of paper or card with essential information (e.g. where the centre of town is and the times of the trains and where to get it from on map). Just so the trip can be enjoyed by English speaking tourists on a budget.

  2. Gabriel de Sousa Filho

    *Tour only in English*. It would be good to think about how to organize the boarding in Morretes better. The tour itself is great.

  3. Adriana Simões de Souza

    The best contemplative tour ever! It was such a great experience.

  4. Glauco Fiaschi

    Our guide in the train, Rose Marie, was exceptional in knowledge and education. The moment to pick up the tickets was confusing, but no further problems.

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