Frequent Asked Questions

01 - What are your opening times?

Our office opens from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 7 PM (except holidays). In other times, our mobile phone is on. It is informed in the website and in your booking confirmation.

02 - I do not get your e-mails. What should I do?

Check your SPAM box, please. Otherwise contact us by phone (+55 41 3232-1314), by WhatsApp (+55 41 99935-7215) or send an e-mail to

03 - May I choose the side of the train?

The train seats are numbered, but the train cars are manouvered constantly. We can not know in which side of the train you will be, so it is not possible to choose. There are landscapes in both sides. And how the rail company says: the best side is inside the train 😉

04 - What is a shared tour?

The transportation will be divided with other clients. You might pass by several hotels to pick up other travelers before the tour starts. It is not possible to inform exactly at what time the transportation will be at your hotel, so that the information at the description is “from … to …”. Be ready at the given time to avoid delays for the group. The guide will divide his atenttion among all travellers and the group will share a table at the restaurant. The advantage of regular tours is that the costs for transportation and guide are divided and the price per person is a bit less than a private tour.

05 - What is a private tour?

Only you and your family/friends will take part on it. You will not share the tour with strangers. Talk to your guide about the itinerary and adapt it to your preferences. For example, if you want to change the tour itinerary and visit other places, it is possible, as long as it fits the tour duration and do not get out too much of the itinerary. In case you want to stay longer in a place you liked, you can do it too! Enjoy the most your leisure time with the people you love, with exclusivity and the personal service you deserve!

06 - Must I print the booking confirmation?

It is not necessary. We only reccommend that you keep it in place where you can find it easily in case of doubt. You will find there details such as service date, number of participants, what is included and also our contact details.

07 - My booking is being reviewed. What does it mean?

It was not authorized by the payment gateway yet. It can take 1-2 days in such cases. In some cases, you will get a call to confirm your booking. Pay attention to any call you might get in this period.
Right after the payment is authorized, you will be notified by e-mail. In case the payment is OK, you will received the booking confirmation immediately.

08 - When is the best season to visit Curitiba?

There are things to do in Curitiba all year long! The weather changes constantly and it is hard to say how is the weather like. It is important to pay attention to the weather forecast and prepare for 4 seasons in one day. Curitibanos always carry a jacket and an umbrella. It is important to consider that as we do not have beach, people dress a bit more formally – flip flops and bermudas mostly in parks and family gatherings. Pay attention that your stay in Curitiba happens when the train tour takes place. In general, the tour happens all year long from Friday to Sunday. During certain periods of the year, it might happen also in other days.

09 - Where are the best areas of the city to stay in Curitiba?

If you stay in Centro, Batel, Centro Civico, Cabral, Rebouças, Mercês or Água Verde you can easily reach any part of the city. Centro and Batel have the largest number of hotels. Batel is a fancy neighborhood and has many bars and restaurants. Centro has many popular stores, business buildings, banks and historical attractions. Centro Cívico, Cabral, Rebouças, Mercês and Água Verde are central, nice neighborhoods. Avoid staying further away to not spend unnecessarily with transportation. There are options for all tastes and budgets in town.

10 - Which are the most booked tours?

There are many options, but here a list with the most booked ones:
1) Train tour (especially Luxury Train and Barão do Serro Azul)
2) Sightseeing Tour (all options)
3) Winery Família Fardo
4) Ilha do Mel (Honey Island)
5) Vila Velha State Park
6) Dutch Settlements
7) Curitiba at Evening
8) Curitiba Hidden Gems